Installing django-environ

django-environ is a Python-only package hosted_on_pypi. The recommended installation method is pip-installing into a virtualenv:

$ python -m pip install django-environ


After installing django-environ, no need to add it to INSTALLED_APPS.

Unstable version

The master of all the material is the Git repository at So, you can also install the latest unreleased development version directly from the develop branch on GitHub. It is a work-in-progress of a future stable release so the experience might be not as smooth:

$ pip install -e git://
# OR
$ pip install --upgrade

This command will download the latest version of django-environ and install it to your system.


The develop branch will always contain the latest unstable version, so the experience might be not as smooth. If you wish to check older versions or formal, tagged release, please switch to the relevant tag.

More information about pip and PyPI can be found here: